Tuğba ORTA

Junior Lawyer

Tuğba Orta graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 2019. During her university education, she did internships in important institutions such as the Constitutional Court and the Capital Markets Board, and attended many trainings and seminars. After graduating from the faculty, she started her legal internship at the Ankara Bar Association. After completing her internship in an elite law firm specializing in Rental Law, Corporate Law and Contract Law, she continued to serve as a lawyer in the internship office.

In addition to his internships during his education, he worked at the Court of Cassation Judicial Ethics Legal Clinics, Prisons Legal Clinics, Family Courts Legal Clinics, and participated in the International Congress of Bodily Damages in Non-Contractual Liability and the State of Law and Judiciary Symposium of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations.

Tuğba ORTA has been accepted to Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences, Private Law Master's Program and her education continues. She provides services in the fields of Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Contract Law.

  • ‣Ankara University Faculty of Law (Bachelor of Law, 2019)
  • ‣Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences, Private Law (Legum Magister (LLM), 2020)
Foreign languages
  • ‣English