Commercial Law

ETR Law provides consultancy services to its clients operating in different sectors on many issues they need within the scope of commercial law. We provide constant communication between our clients and our office to ensure that our client companies can carry out their commercial activities in legal security. Information on commercial law that companies need while carrying out their activities is quickly transmitted to them and followed up by our team.

Services we provide to our clients within the scope of commercial law includes;

‣Process management and legal consultancy in merger, division and type change transactions,

‣Legal consultancy in intercorporate relations in the corporate community,

‣Consultancy in the resolution of disputes between the shareholders and the client company,

‣Legal consultancy during the establishment of the company and the preparation for the articles of association, the preparation of the general assembly and the internal directives of the board of directors, the functioning, the decision making and implementation of the decisions taken by the general assembly and the board of directors,

‣Written and verbal information and consultancy for the execution of the company's daily operations in accordance with the law.

‣Legal consultancy on the preparation of the share transfer agreement of the company shares and the execution of the process,

‣legal consultancy services in answering the questions of foreign capital companies about local legislation and legal processes in our country,