ETR Law provides consultancy services to clients operating in the Electricity, Natural Gas, Petroleum and LPG markets within the scope of energy market legislation and representation before courts in disputes within energy law.

The scope of our services regarding energy law;

• Providing consultancy to the relevant administrations for the permit processes required to be obtained at the Pre-license stage of the electricity generation companies and following the process,

• Advising on deadlines during the permit processes and providing legal support for time extension processes,

• Consulting for the contracts to be signed during the facility installation process,

• Follow-up of legal processes with TEAİŞ and other institutions and providing preventive legal services,

• Providing legal services in preparation for YEKA tenders and in the follow-up of post-tender procedures,

• Providing legal consultancy on share transfers, company acquisitions and mergers,

• Providing consultancy in the execution of works before distribution companies regarding unlicensed electricity generation, providing legal support regarding the permits to be obtained and following the processes regarding the time extension request,

• Consulting on share transfers and mergers and acquisitions of unlicensed electricity generation companies,

• Providing legal consultancy for all legal processes with the distribution companies of unlicensed electricity generation companies, TEİAŞ and EPDK,

• Providing legal services on energy efficiency and energy performance contracts,

• Providing consultancy for electricity distribution companies' problems arising from distribution legislation, in this context, for example, providing legal support for legal problems arising after separation, general lighting, tariff applications and problems arising from relations with customers,

• Providing consultancy on the legal problems of the assigned supply companies arising from the EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) legislation and competition legislation, preparation of the relevant contracts,

• Problems arising from system connection and system usage agreements,

• Providing consultancy on legal problems arising from contracts made between natural gas distribution companies, natural gas consumers, natural gas cycle power plants and BOTAŞ on consumption, transportation, storage and similar issues, and about natural gas market law in general,

• Providing consultancy to petroleum and LPG distribution companies and dealers on legal issues arising from the agreements between the market players regarding the petroleum and LPG market legislation, and providing legal support to the investigations initiated by EPDK,

• Providing services as a proxy in lawsuits related to all these issues.