In the trade relations, Contracts are the texts that can be referred as "bad day friend" that shelters both parties in the times of crisis. As ETR Law, in order to ensure that clients are strong and prepared for such bad days and can minimize their risks in these stuations; qualified legal services like preparing all kinds of contracts, commenting on contract drafts, negotiating contracts, making legal assessments in case of problems and conflicts that may arise during the execution phase after the signing of contracts, and communicating and negotiating with the other party when it is necessary, are provided for all types of agreements within the scope of work contracts, including prime-contractor and sub-contractor contracts, supply contracts, contracts under KİK (public procurement law), contracts for construction work, supplies and services, letter of agreements, letter of intent, cooperation/partnership agreements, consulting contracts, representation agreements, licence agreements and confidentiality agreement.

In this context, ETR Law carries out studies in which every detail is considered with the support of its expert network of different disciplines in line with the sensitivities and needs of its clients while drafting contracts and presenting legal evaluations regarding contracts.

At the same time, ETR Law provides services of constructing various tenders and creating legal infrastructures in a structure integrated with contract law.

We also provide services to take measures for legal problems that may arise due to acts contrary to the contract or services to resolve them through litigation.

The energy market, construction and infrastructure sectors and the defense industry are the sectors where we intensively provide contract consultancy.